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Welcome to CompCare Wellness

Welcome to the official website of CompCare Wellness Medical Scheme. This site is designed to provide Members, Potential Members and Healthcare Providers with up to date information about CompCare Wellness. Feel free to browse our site.


Did you know that CompCare Wellness is one of the few medical schemes in South Africa that covers professional sportsmen and sportswomen? Here are some more interesting facts about what makes CompCare so outstanding.


  • Pinnacle
  • Dynamix
  • Symmetry
  • Axis
  • Mumed
  • NetworX



Choosing the right medical scheme for you is one of the most important decisions you could ever make.



10 Good reasons why CompCare Wellness is the right scheme for you:

  1. An excellent track record spanning more than three decades.
  2. Something for everyone with a range of diverse products to choose from.
  3. Sound financial management as attested by our excellent reserve levels.
  4. You pay only for the first three child dependants – the rest are free!.
  5. Pay child dependant rates for students up to the age of 25.
  1. Unlimited oncology benefits.
  2. Unlimited Prescribed Minimum Benefits in private facilities.
  3. Unlimited general practitioner benefits on the majority of our Options.
  4. Unlimited basic dentistry benefits on most options.
  5. Free access to a lifestyle and wellness programme unlike any other.